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The Terracotta Management Console

The Terracotta Management Console (TMC) is a web-based administration and monitoring application providing a wealth of advantages, including:

  • Multilevel security architecture, with end-to-end SSL secure connections available
  • Feature-rich and easy-to-use in-browser interface
  • Remote management capabilities requiring only a web browser and network connection
  • Cross-platform deployment
  • Role-based authentication
  • Aggregate statistics from multiple nodes
  • Flexible deployment model plugs into both development environments and secure production architectures

The TMC can monitor standalone Ehcache nodes, version 2.6 and higher. The Terracotta Management Server (TMS) acts as an aggregator and also provides a connection and security context for the TMC. The TMS must be available and accessible for the TMC to provide management services.

For more information on using the TMC, see the following sources:

  • The README.txt file in the TMC kit for installation, configuration, basic security setup, and startup instructions.
  • The on-board online help available from within the TMC for information on the user interface.
  • The security setup page to learn how to use advanced security features.

NOTE: The Terracotta Management Console is now available for standalone enterprise Ehcache and replaces Ehcache Monitor for monitoring, management, and administration. For download instructions, contact

Using Multiple Instances of BigMemory Go CacheManagers With the TMC

Note that when loading multiple instances BigMemory Go CacheManagers with the TMC rest agent enabled in the same JVM, they must be loaded by distinct classloaders. Two different web applications (two different WARs), for example, are loaded by different classloaders.

The TMC Update Checker

The Update Checker automatically checks to see if you have the latest updates, and collects diagnostic information on TMC usage. The Update Checker is on by default. To disable the update checker, use the following system property: