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The Terracotta Community

Terracotta is built and used by an active, international community of developers. Use the community tools to make the most of out using Terracotta. Also, as a contributor, find a home for your project on the Terracotta forge.


Our Forums are where members of the Terracotta development and user communities provide community support to each other. The forums are free to use and a great place to start if you have any questions as you integrate Terracotta with your application.

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Email Lists

Terracotta also supports several special interest email groups. We have an announce list for people interested in the latest announcements, an email list for interested users of Terracotta, and several for developers of Terracotta Forge Projects and core developers of Terracotta.

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JIRA is our issue and feature tracking application. You can post issues or feature requests here, and see a work schedule for the development community.

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Terracotta is open source, and the source code is available for anonymous access on Subversion. Visit our Source Repository for access to Terracotta source code and for other resources like build tips and source repository browsing with FishEye.

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